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Robb Jetty

Other names

  • Fremantle Freezing and Meat works7

Current Operation

  • Closed, is now a historic site with a preserved chimney of the original meat processing works.6


Source – http://www.mingor.net/

Robbs Jetty meat processing site, historic chimney that has been preserved at the site.


  • Fremantle Freezing and meat works7

Australia. Robb Jetty

Map. Robb JettySource – Hema Maps. Australia Truckies Atlas.


  • Fremantle Freezing and Meat Works7
  • Western Australian Meat Preservers7
  • Western Australian Meat Exporters7



  • Processed cattle and sheep
  • Had access from sea for unloading barges and railhead for inland animals
  • Export2
  • Operated originally by the WA Meat co-operative
  • had a long pier/jetty going to the ocean – named Robs Jetty.
  • Cattle transported from North WA, barges would unload onto jetty and animals walk to abattoir.
  • Closed due to population pressure, other abattoirs & prices



  • Meat houses constructed in the area to service the convict establishment at Femantle Gaol7


  • Duracks (Kimberley’s) through agents Francis Conner and Dennis Doherty shipped cattle to Fremantle5
  • Dame Mary Durack- ‘Sons in the saddle’ – cattle originally swam to shore, now offloaded onto a jetty5
  • Cattle getting £3 a head in south markets, started their own Live Export to Manila5
  • Slaughterhouses established in the area, known as ‘Kimberley Meat Ring’, they had a monopoly on meat supply to metropolitian and Goldfields7.
    • Forrest, Emaual and Co
    • Conner, Doherty and Durack


  • Railway was built from Fremantle to Robb Jetty6
  • Same period abattoir was built in Fremantle – consisted of offices, holding yards, freezer and chiller facilities6


  • Robb Jetty constructed – prior to construction animals unloaded into the water and swam to shore7
  • Robb jetty abattoir constructed, portion being the preserved chimney – Known as Fremantle Freezing and Meat works. Capacity limited to few thousand lambs per year7
  • Abattoir also was cold store for potatoes, fruit, manufactured ice and carried out wool scouring7


  • Robb Jetty company in financial strife, Commonwealth government stepped in to provide help.7


  • Company bought out by government, changed name to Western Australian Meat Preservers’ latter to ‘Western Australian Meat Exporters’7
  • Abattoir diversified to include fruit storage, egg pulp, turtle and crayfish processing7


  • Ship – Centaur,passenger liner that carried 4000 sheep below decks. turned every fortnight from Singapore, Kuala Lumpar & Perth, return trip would pick up at Broome from Emaual stations and taken to Fremantle, sold at Robbs Jetty saleyards5 Pg 25


  • Jetty dismantled, possibly in 1960’s6


  • Abattoir closed by the National Party3


  • Numerous attempt to revive competitiveness failed and was shut down7


  • Equipment removed from building.7
  • Chimney is only part remaining, listed on the State register of Heritage Places.6


  • State Government supplied $50,000 for restoration of chimney.7


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Current Operation

  • Closed November 20092


  • 11km north of Margaret River.

Australia. Cowaramup

Map. Cowaramup


  • Western Meat Processors, Director – F.E Lee3
    • General Manager, J Mc Quillan2


  • Processed Cattle1
  • Employs 452
  • Workers numbers 572




  • Western Meat Processors begun operations at Cowaramup2


  • March. Expansion worth $750,000, would provide increased slaughter throughput in late 2009.2
  • November 16th. Closed due to plant where carcases were processed destroyed by fire and not other plants available to process meat.2
  • O’Conner Meat factory4.
    • Owned by Western Meat Packers, located in McNeece Place, O’Conner, established 27 years.
    • Owner of O’Conner, Rod Russell also owned lamb processing plant in Osbourne park
    • Employed 300 people.
    • Fire was caused by an electrical fault in an exhaust system, caused $10M damage
    • were processing 2000 head of cattle a week
  • Staff undertook maintenance work until December, when facility was shut down entirely, future work in January would continue maintenance.2


  • Licence issued 3rd February 2011to operate the works prescribed under the Environmental Protection Act. Issued for an extended period of 3 years5
    • Licence #L8036/1993/5. File SWB2063.
    • Category 15:Abattoir
    • Category 55: Livestock saleyard or holding pen


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Waroona abattoir is located in south west of Western Australia. Prior to closure in 1998 it had been export accredited and processed sheep, goats and pigs. In 2014 Gina Rhinehart purchased 50% share of the facility with current owners Milne Agrigroup.

Other Names

  • Clover Meats8

Current Operation

  • Closed. Most recently – 20093


 Australia. Waroona      Map.Waroona           


  • Clover Meats
  • Milne Agrigroup5
  • Timepath Holdings7
  • South West Meat Processors (SWMP), D. Delaney3
  • Liveringa Station Beef. (2014) – Joint venture between Gina Rhinehart and Milne Agrigroup8


  • Still operational as at June 20051
  • Cattle and Pig2
  • Process sheep, goats & Pigs, registered as a domestic abattoir4
  • Prior to closure was handling 12% of WA cattle2
  • Was accredited export, once closed only left EG Green & sons as export accredited at 1998 (Harvey #648)2
  • Markets in Asia and US suffered downturns factor in closure2


Prior 2008

  • could have applied for government grants to introduce technology to reduce kill costs, “would have kept the jobs of many of their workers, one area where abattoir owners have fallen down or have not considered the opportunities which would have been created by the lower costs those technologies would have bought about”2
  • “Once it began slaughtering pigs it denied itself exports to certain sheep markets because Muslim countries don’t accept sheep meats killed in a pig abattoir”2


  • Prior to closure was one of WA’s biggest export abattoirs7
  • closed for a period2


  • Abattoir had been dormant for some time but current owneres (Milne Agrigroup) in discussions with several groups5
    • To sell entirely or
    • work in partnership to operate the plant, Milne Group won’t be operating plant on their own.


  • June. Reopened6
  • To be only operated as service kill7
    • Aim to process 1000 sheep, 200 pigs per day initially, with possibiity to process cattle latter.
    • offering a 12 month contract up front, guarantees kill space
    • Most other abattoirs are processing their own product with only small service kill
  • Operated in conjunction with Delaney Meats also owned by D. Delaney6
  • Killing sheep and pigs, with capacity for 500 cattle a day


  • Closed 13.02.09. Economic downturn cited as reason3
  • South West Meat Processors called in liquidators cited6
    • lack of support from industry.
    • Delaney meats also closed but not subject to liquidation

“It was a lack of stock and the world market has not helped, Service kill contracts had backed off 50% and the value of skins had plummeted due to the slowdown in the global economy, the price of skins fell from $7.50 to $3 overnight” Daniel Delaney (60% share of SWMP)6

  • 40 people lose jobs3
  • 42 redundancies6


  • Gina Rhinehart – Australian mining magnate enters into a joint investment to purchase 2 Kimberley cattle stations and the Waroona abattoir8
    • 50% stakeholding with Milne Agrigroup – Graham Laitt8
    • 50% share cost $40M9
      • Total transaction to establish LSB estimated at $65M10
    • Entity is named Liveringa Station Beef (LSB)8
      • Gina Rinehart Company – Hancock Prospecting9
      • Milne Agrigroup parent company – Dowford Investments9
    • Reasons for purchase cited – Confidence in Australian food exports to Asia8
    • Graham Laitt (Milne Agrigroup) is quoted as saying “LSB is moving away from live exports towards boxed beef”10
    • Liveringa Station8  and Nerrima Station purchased in transaction8
      • 2 properties cover 470,000 hectares and span the Fitzroy River.10


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Geraldton #104. WA

Export accredited facility that processed bee, sheep and mainly rangeland wild goats. Closed since 2015. Closure cited due to shortage of livestock due to wild dog preditation and farmer diversification into cropping. Competition due to Live animal export also a factor. Listed for sale in 2015.

Other Names

  • Geraldton Meat Works
  • Geraldton Meat exports

Current Operation

  • Closed (2015)6


  • Located Moonyoonooka. 424km N of Perth, WA Coast             

Australia. Moonyoonooka


Map. Moonyoonooka

Source – Hema Maps. Australia Truckies Atlas


  • Geraldton Meat Works (Geraldton Meat Exports) GME


  • Modern Tier Two export licensed plant6
  • Feral goats/Mutton, 6 way cuts to Mexico, US & Russia??1
  • Halal slaughter
  • 94 workers2
  • goats and sheep and lamb
  • Export accredited
  • only abattoir in WA that processed goat4
  • Capacity of 2000 sheep, lambs or goats a day6.

Other abattoirs in Australia

Go to this link to view Location of Australian Abattoirs


History of Geraldton #104. WA


  • At this time is listed as an export facility7
    • Operated by Metro Meat Ltd7


  • November. At this time is listed as an export facility7
    • Operated by Geraldton meat Exports Pty Ltd


  • Closed
  • Sept 09 – Lynn MacLaren citing lack of supply and Live export as having taken animals that otherwise may have been processed through this site2.
    • Author Note – Lynn MacLaren, http://wa.greens.org.au/content/mlc-lynn-maclaren
    • Lynn MacLaren is a supporter of banning live animal export programs and served on the board of the Animals Australia Inc. The political lobby group advocating to ban live exports.


  • Closed for maintenance and never reopened, could be a buyer currently looking.4


  • June. Abattoir is closed for seasonal shutdown.6
  • Reasons for closure was livestock supply6
    • Goat Numbers in the area are dwindling
      • largely due to dog preditation
    • Sheep are also difficult to source
    • Many producers in the area are moving out of livestock production to cropping
  • Facility was processing up to 200,000 rangelands goats a year6
    • Mostly sourced from Gascoyne, Pilbara and surrounding areas
  • Considering by a prospective buyer could be of conversion of the plant to large animal chain
    • allow access to northern stock6
    • plants location 5ookm from Perth could be beneficial
  • Plant at one time did have regular contracts to Halal certified markets in Malaysia and South East Asia6
  • Dec. Geraldton abattoir is placed on the market for sale.5


Source – Beef Central advert December 2015



Source – Geraldton Sale Brochure – Beef Central 15.09.2016


Source – Geraldton Sale Brochure – Beef Central 15.09.2016


Source – Geraldton Sale Brochure – Beef Central 15.09.2016



Source – Geraldton Sale Brochure – Beef Central 15.09.2016

  • Sept. Geraldton. Sale advertisements are renewed.6
  • Other abattoirs for sale at this time are;
    • Sarina. QLD. A small domestic facility that can process cattle, sheep or pigs
    • Forbes #656. NSW. Previously an export facility that is currently closed and stripped of equipment.
  • Geraldton plant has been closed since June 20156


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Current Operation

  • Closed(1964)1


  • Located on Glenroy Station, 190 miles(304km) S of Wyndham 160 miles(256km) E of Derby1

Australia. Glenroy

map Glenroy


  • Kidman – period of 1920’s – 30’s2



  • Processed 60 head cattle a day1


1920’s – 1930’s

  • Cattle supplied from Victoria River Downs which at that stage was owned by Emmual, Forrest and Yuill with Kidman. Pg 1152


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Other Names

  • Gascoyne

Current Operation

  • Closed  


Australia. Carnarvon

Map Carnarvon




  • Domestic sheep accredited



  • Has an outstanding debt of $1M owed to AQIS, must be paid by any prospective buyer1        


  1. Personal communication #1 15.02.13
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