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Current Operation

  • Operating as a special purpose abattoir for educational purposes.


  • 120 km SE of Geraldton

Australia. Morawa

Map. MorawaSource – Hema Maps – Australia Truckies Atlas


  • Morawa Agricultural College


  • Cattle, sheep, lamb & Pig1
  • Special Abattoir1




  1. WAMIA Meat Processors 2013


Current Operation

  • Currently accredited with AUS-MEAT as at 14.01.13, Establishment # 0041W2


  • Geraldton – 40km south of Geraldton

Australia. Greenough

Map. Greenough


  • D & K Hagen
  • Hagen Bros


  • Small plant1
  • Cattle, sheep, lamb, goat, pig & Deer2




  1. Parliament Hansard. P Omodei 17.08.05
  2. AUS-MEAT Accreditation list 14.01.13

Geraldton #104. WA

Export accredited facility that processed bee, sheep and mainly rangeland wild goats. Closed since 2015. Closure cited due to shortage of livestock due to wild dog preditation and farmer diversification into cropping. Competition due to Live animal export also a factor. Listed for sale in 2015.

Other Names

  • Geraldton Meat Works
  • Geraldton Meat exports

Current Operation

  • Closed (2015)6


  • Located Moonyoonooka. 424km N of Perth, WA Coast             

Australia. Moonyoonooka


Map. Moonyoonooka

Source – Hema Maps. Australia Truckies Atlas


  • Geraldton Meat Works (Geraldton Meat Exports) GME


  • Modern Tier Two export licensed plant6
  • Feral goats/Mutton, 6 way cuts to Mexico, US & Russia??1
  • Halal slaughter
  • 94 workers2
  • goats and sheep and lamb
  • Export accredited
  • only abattoir in WA that processed goat4
  • Capacity of 2000 sheep, lambs or goats a day6.

Other abattoirs in Australia

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History of Geraldton #104. WA


  • At this time is listed as an export facility7
    • Operated by Metro Meat Ltd7


  • November. At this time is listed as an export facility7
    • Operated by Geraldton meat Exports Pty Ltd


  • Closed
  • Sept 09 – Lynn MacLaren citing lack of supply and Live export as having taken animals that otherwise may have been processed through this site2.
    • Author Note – Lynn MacLaren,
    • Lynn MacLaren is a supporter of banning live animal export programs and served on the board of the Animals Australia Inc. The political lobby group advocating to ban live exports.


  • Closed for maintenance and never reopened, could be a buyer currently looking.4


  • June. Abattoir is closed for seasonal shutdown.6
  • Reasons for closure was livestock supply6
    • Goat Numbers in the area are dwindling
      • largely due to dog preditation
    • Sheep are also difficult to source
    • Many producers in the area are moving out of livestock production to cropping
  • Facility was processing up to 200,000 rangelands goats a year6
    • Mostly sourced from Gascoyne, Pilbara and surrounding areas
  • Considering by a prospective buyer could be of conversion of the plant to large animal chain
    • allow access to northern stock6
    • plants location 5ookm from Perth could be beneficial
  • Plant at one time did have regular contracts to Halal certified markets in Malaysia and South East Asia6
  • Dec. Geraldton abattoir is placed on the market for sale.5


Source – Beef Central advert December 2015



Source – Geraldton Sale Brochure – Beef Central 15.09.2016


Source – Geraldton Sale Brochure – Beef Central 15.09.2016


Source – Geraldton Sale Brochure – Beef Central 15.09.2016



Source – Geraldton Sale Brochure – Beef Central 15.09.2016

  • Sept. Geraldton. Sale advertisements are renewed.6
  • Other abattoirs for sale at this time are;
    • Sarina. QLD. A small domestic facility that can process cattle, sheep or pigs
    • Forbes #656. NSW. Previously an export facility that is currently closed and stripped of equipment.
  • Geraldton plant has been closed since June 20156


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