Tasmania. Abattoirs A-Z

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Note that this is not a comprehensive list of all abattoirs that have operated in Tasmania.

Key to Table.

* Unknown details

Facility Type

E – Export. Registration for Aus-meat was only mandatory for export facilities since 1997

D – Domestic.

Species Processed

B – Beef, Bu – Buffalo, C – Calves only

G – Goat

P- Pig

S – Sheep and Lambs

Current Operation

O – Operating, C – Closed

Known operation and ownership.

Dated literature/article of facility being reported as known to be in operation. It doesn’t necessarily mean the facility didn’t operate after this time.

Tasmania. Abattoirs A-Z

LocationAus-Meat Establishment #Facility TypeSpecies ProcessedCurrent OperationKnown Operation / RegistrationKnown Owner
Burnie12TD**1997Gee & Gee P/L
Camdale751EBC1980'sTas Meat Ltd
Cradoc Hill*D**2007Cradoc Hill Abattoir
Cressy #1919EB,S,GO2017Tasmanian Quality Meats Pty Ltd
Currie790E*C1997SBA Foods Pty Ltd
Devonport*EBC1980'sSP Holman & Sons
Flinders Island*D*C2017*
Gretna*D*O2017Michael Munnings
Hobart*EBC1980'sRichards Meat Industries
King Island*EBC2012JBS Australia
Launceston.110TEBC1980'sBlue Ribbon Export Division
Launceston.2#EB,PC1980'sJC Hutton Pty Ltd
Longford195EB,SO2017JBS Australia Pty Ltd - Longford
Quoiba.113TDB,S,PO2017JBS Australia Pty Ltd - Devonport
Quoiba.2779E**1987Hawkridge Meat Co
Ridgley*DS,P,Rabbit*2007Highclere Abattoirs & Butchery
Sorrell*E*C1963Richardson Meat Industries Pty Ltd
Smithton #716716EBO2017Greenham Tasmania P/L