Cooee was a very small service kill abattoir located Tasmania, fire caused its closure in 2012 affecting many small producers who would follow the complete process of their animals treatment through to packing.

Other Names

  • Cooee Point

Current Operation

  • Closed – fire burnt processing and packing facility in 20121


  • Cooee is on the western end of the north coast of Tasmania.1

Australia. Cooee

CooeeHema Maps – Australia Truckies atlas.


  • Wendy Gee1


  • A small service kill and processing, packing facility for local producers1
  • Processed pigs, lambs and cattle1
  • Employed 6 people1



  • facility had been in operation before this time1


  • January. Extensive fire damage to facility occured.1
  • 90% of the commercial cattle in the area were processed at Devonport abattoir (Tas) but Cooee had a solid local following1
    • facility is used by smaller producers to kill, butcher and pack their meat.2
    • Producers were able to watch the animal processed right throughout2
  • Fire thought to be suspicious1
  • June. Wendy Gee will offer services at a butchery in Terrylands, Animals are killed at Devonport abattoir (Tas) approximately 50km away, then transferred to Terrylands for processing.3


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