Other Names

  • Cradoc Hill
  • Cradoc Blue Hill abattoir

Current Operation

  • Currently operating at time of writing 03.01.2014


  • Cradoc Hill is located approximately 10km north west of Cygnet. Cygnet is located approximately 70km by road south west of Hobart in southern Tasmania

Australia. Cygnet

CygnetHema Maps – Australia Truckies atlas.


  • Dave, Rita Stephens and Michael Munnings8
  • James Lord (2011)1


  • Cygnet is only major abattoir south of Cressy abattoir (Tas) in the northern Midlands.4
  • A small service kill abattoir for the use of local producers who may only have one or low number of animals to process.3
  • Some product is now commercially being sold to retailers under brand names7
  • Producers may retain ownership of product and use for their own purposes or value add and further sell to retail.7
  • Process large animals cattle7
  • Process small animals calves, sheep, lambs, deer, rabbits, poultry and pigs.2



  • Cygnet is featured in the ‘Gourmet Farmer’ SBS series with local producer Mathew Evans3
  • In reference to Cygnet abattoir and  taking two of his pigs to be slaughtered there3

” run by people who want to help smallholders. Who understand you may only have one sheep, one pig to kill at at time. They make it easier for people who want to rear their own meat, to get it killed legally and affordably. If there’s one thing I’m happy about with the death of my pigs, it’s that the abattoir at Cradoc hill will do the right thing by them” Mathew Evans3


  • June. Dave and Rita Stephens had operated the abattoir for a number of years and wished to retire.1
    • Possible a consortium of interested parties may pool resources to buy the freehold and operate the business1
  • Loss of this abattoir to the community would have been a severe blow to the local producers small and large.2
    • Important to know the animals are free-range and killed humanely with many producers following their animal through process of delivery to final product of meat cuts.2
    • some producers larger animals sheep and cattle while others have pigs, goats, rabbits.2
    • Some are niche market meats and by-products2
    • Economies of the dairy and fleece buisinesses would be marginal or impossible without access to an abattoir, local market for vealers and wethers2
    • Producers would be forced to send stock to northern processing works – some over 4 hours drive from Cygnet3
    • Products also sourced for bone, pig ears for pets, blood and bone for gardens, organs for university and forensic research2
  • July. Abattoir closes for two weeks when new buyer moves in.2
  • James Lord purchases Cygnet facility2


  • Development of two meat brand logos7
    • Blue Logos – Cradoc Hill meat – targets premium interstate markets7

logo _edited-1Source – Cradoc Hill website – Logo used to promote products to Interstate markets.

meat selections _edited-1Source – Cradoc Hill website – Example of meat cuts offered in a box sale being offered direct to door of customers through website sales.

meat selections _edited-2Source – Cradoc Hill website – Example of meat cuts offered in a box sale

    • Green Logo- Huon Valley meats – targets the Hobart market and surrounds.7

Huon valley logo _edited-1Source – Huon Valley Meats website – Logo used to promote products local markets.

“We source our produce from farmers we know and trust, We are particular in who we work with, seeking out growers who genuinely enjoy raising their stock and who take pride in growing the highest quality produce” James Lord

  • Cygnet now processing 20-30 cattle, 100 lambs and 20-30 pigs a week.7
    • employs 8 people, 4 permanent and 4 casual7


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