Flinders Is. #? Tas.

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Short paragraph describing facility (Export / domestic), purpose (Livestock slaughtered and location.
Significant issues

Other Names

  • Operating business name1
  • Common name used

Current Operation

  • Is the facility currently in operation
  • Aus meat Accreditation number
  • Operator website links
    • Contact for employment
    • Contact for sales.


  • Description of physical location in relation to main town and state
    • distance to main urban areas or export sites of that state

Insert – Australia map. location of approximate town site.

(Make Australia map default picture for site.)

Insert – Locality map of more localised area of site

Other abattoirs in Australia

Go to this link to view Location of Australian Abattoirs



  • Owners names and approximate time period of operation


  • Aus-meat accreditation dates.
  • Website link to owner of facility
    • Employment link to operator of facility
    • Sale enquiries
  • Type of facility and accreditations for livestock types1





  • April. Current manager – David Madden4
  • Facility is currently processing stock and supplying local butcher outlet and Victorian distribution hub4
  • Current 20 workers at the facility4
  • Lambs are processed as 24kg carcases4
    • Costing $30 per lamb to freight to the Australian mainland4.


  • Cressy #19. Tas has received some of the Flinders Island workers5
  • Cressy also takes on some of the service kills once processed at Flinders5.


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