Kalkarindji. NT

A small domestic processor located on an Aboriginal remote community, processes locally bred cattle to sell meat mainly to local communities.

Other Names

Current Operation

  • Currently in operation.


  • Kalkarindji is an Aboriginal community located on the Buntine Highway 350 km south west of Katherine.

Kalkarindji. #1

KalkarindjiSource – Hema Maps.



  • Processes locally grown short horn cattle a week1
  • Uses a bolt action gun to kill the animal1
  • Process the animal by laying in a cradle to dress the carcase.1
  • Supplies communities in the Victoria River District with meat.1
  • Supplies Kakarindji store, Yarralin, Pigeon Hole and Lajamanu2



  • July. At this time there are 2 other Aboriginal owned abattoirs operating in communities3
  • September. Indigenous Land Corporation have acquired 221 properties across Australia since 19955
    • Manage 70,000 head of cattle on various Aboriginal held stations5
  • December. Current butcher – Jason Scadden, has been working at the facility for 11 years.1
  • On kill days 2 other workers help.1
  • After slaughter the animal is laid on a cradle to skin, legs and gut1
  • Facility has a ban saw, mincer and sausage maker1
  • Meat is wrapped, packed and priced.1
  • Goes to the shop in Kalkarindji or other communities.1


  • Is unsatisfied demand for local beef in northern Australia local communities, mining and tourism.2
  • Involvement in meat processing by Indignous communties could develope local beef processing facilities.2
    • Oenpelli abattoir (NT) – more commonly known as Gunbalanya, kills 30 head a week is currently operating.2
    • Palumpa (NT), kills 20 head a week is currently operating2
    • Mataranka (NT) – partially built but has been abandoned.
    • Peppimenarti (NT) proposed.2


  • Oenpelli abattoir is closed4
    • No reason is given by the operator – Australian Indigenous Agribusiness Company4
      • Indigenous Land council newly formed subsidiary that is federally funded4
        • ILC lease and run  Gunbalanya station and meatworks under a 15 year lease agreement4


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