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  • Currently operating as at December 2013.


  • 120 km NW of Brisbane in Brisbane valley

Australia. Kilcoy

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Hema Maps – Australia Handy Map. 9th Edition


  • Kilcoy Pastoral company1
    • CEO – Tony Munns appointed 1999, succeeded by David Foote.1
  • Harmony Investment fund – Singapore based – Harmony Capital management3
    • Harmony purchased in 20074
  • Pacific Alliance Group (2012)3
  • New Hope Investment Fund – Chinese4


  • Marketing strategy – Naturally Identified, Safe environment (NISE) Beef export program1
  • Dedicated grainfed, export focussed plant.3
  • Capacity to process 285,000 head per year3
  • Employed 750 staff (as at 2012)3




  • First established by Kennedy Family4


  • Appointed new CEO – Tony Munns1


  • Major improvements epected to provide 10% production boost and 50 full time jobs.2
  • Currently employing 340 people (plus the extra 50 to add)2


  • Volume had increased through the plant by 35% to same period in previous year.2
  • Further Funding provided by Federal Government – Dairy Regional Assistance Program $880,0002
    • Further enhance production capacity and improve efficiency2
    • Improve primary freezer capacity, improve ability to process by products and improve the standard and quality of effluent disposal2
  • Previous 12 months had been difficult in world markets2
  • Target Pacific Rim countries in particular Japan and Korea2


  • Harmony Capital Management’s Harmony Investment Fund4
  • Throughput for 2007 was 54,000t carcase weight, 160,000 cattle.5
    Note by author (Jo Bloomfield) if average yield is 337.5kg, estimate live weight processing 52% dressed Is approximately processing animals live weight 650kg.


  • Australian Agriculture Co’s largest shareholder – IFFCo flag interest in purchasing abattoir5
    • Would be acquired by IFFCo under assigned put-and-call option – allows later transfer of ownership to AA Co5
    • IFFCo is large international red meat processor – killing 10,000 buffalo daily in India5
    • AA Co considering cost-benefit studies of owning meatworks as adjunct to branded beef business5
      • Currently utilises service kill at Grantham and occasionally at Casino5
  • Kilcoy provides strong marketplace competition against larger players Swift and Teys grainfed cattle processing5
  • Kilcoy is has current kill capacity 570 head a day, single shift, seven day operation5


  • Processed 250,000 head, emplyed 750 staff.3


  • Harmony Investment Fund – had owned a majority share of 80% sold to Pacific Alliance Group3


  • Chinese investment fund – New Hope Investment fund purchase facility4
    • Purchase price about $80M6
    • one of the biggest operators of feedlots in China4
  • Kilcoy Abattoir is currently fourth largest abattoir in Australia4
  • Is currently processing 265,000 grain fed cattle a year4


  • July. The following charts are from a submission by the Australian government Department of Agriculture to the Senate rural and regional affairs and transport references committee inquiry into Market consolidation and the red meat processing sector.
  • abattoir capacities dept ag sub consolidation_edited-1

    Capacity of major beef abattoirs in QLD. Pg 15

    T2 Throughput state beef_edited-1

    Share of throughput by state for beef in 2014. Pg 16

    M4 direct cattle movements NLIS QLD_edited-1

    Cattle Movements to abattoirs. Pg 25

    F12 hourly labour costs food manufacturing_edited-1

    Hourly labour costs for food manufacturing industry Pg 30



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