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  • Aus Meat Accreditation registration dated 29/12/2015 #1614 – JBS Australia Pty Ltd (Bordertown).8
    • registered as a Sheep export facility.8
  • Direct employment enquiries to


  • Bordertown is located 270km south east of Adelaide in South Australia

Hema Maps – Australia Truckies atlas.



  • Establishment # 1614
  • Lamb, Hoggets and mutton1
  • Employs 4001
  • Daily capacity 5,200 head1



  • JBS buy plant operations2
  • Invested $6.5M on robotic technology on the kill floor2


  • JBS Australia split into two operating entities to make Northern and Southern regions in relation to abattoirs and feedlots within those areas5.
    • South – Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania5
    • North – NSW and QLD.5


  • Sept. Launches own brand – Great Southern2
  • Oct. Will introduce a second shift of operation2
    • increasing throughput from 4000 to 8000 sheep and lambs a day2
      • current livestock purchases are $140M per year3
      • Utilites including power and water currently $3.1M per year3
    • employing 150- 180 more permanent staff2
      • Wages budget is $25.2M3
      • Extra shift will increase wages by 40%3
      • Extra shift  and business decisions will provide continuity of employment through the year3
    • needed due to improved access to China and increasing demand for high value chilled and frozen lamb in European Union and USA2
    • Looking for financial supportfor on-site cold storage – project costing $12M3
  • Local town looking to improve its houseing and infrastructure to support new workers2
    • Priority to Migrant support servicesand re-opening of Migrant resource centre2
  • High cost of meat processing in Australia was a constant challenge – at about 2.5 times the cost of the US” – and while technology and training added to efficencies, the state and Federal governments need to provide direct financial support to investments such as JBS are making” John Berry ( JBS director)2
  • “..with a high percentage of our product destined for hihgly competitive international markets and competing against animal proteins from around the world” John Berry (JBS)2
  • Installation of automated prcessing technology3
    • $6.5M – x-ray primal saw machine in boning room3
      • determines dimensions of major bones before moving along the chain past rotating blades, cuts the carcase into forequarter, middle, loin and leg sections3
      • Process up to 10 lambs a minute3
      • cutting tolerance of 5mm3
      • is just one of two machines in Australia3
  • Middle machine will be first of its kind in Australia when installed.3
  • November. JBS Swift Australia install closed-circuit television camera’s (CCTV) in it’s Australian meatworks.10
    • For the purpose of animal welfare and meatworker safety issues.10
    • CCTV for internal use by only JBS, with no plans to allow outsiders to view the footage.10
  • JBS’s US beef division (which includes Australia) delivered drop in net sales and earnings in it’s third quarter financial results.10
    • Australia’s division performance and overall contribution to the overall result is impossible to distinguish due to inclusion with US and Canadian beef processing results.10
    • Earnings before tax $134M,.10
      • Down by 22.5% on previous quarter.10
      • Down by 28.4% on third quarter last year.10
    • result reflection of domestic North American markets.10
      • Improved performance had occured in Australian.10
        • Demand had increased in Chinese markets.10


  • July. Expected to replace two dimensional x-ray imagery with Dual Energy Xray Absorption (DEXA)4
    • Will find the skeleton but at the same time produces a lean meat yeild estimate4
  • July. JBS Australia across all facilities in operation kills daily5
    • 8,500 cattle,5
    • 24,000 smalls – which includes lambs5
    • Employs more than 8,000 people5
  • July. JBS Australia purchase majority shareholding in NSW based Andrew Meat.11
    • specialise in high quality, portion cutting and further processing of meats for domestic and international restaurant and foodservice customers.11
    • produce ready-cooked meals.11
    • company banner Creative Food Solutions.11
    • Andrew Meat will allow JBS expansion into high growth retail and value-adding segments.11
  • Expansion of the Andrew Meats business will start in November .12
    • JBS global strategy to expand into value added meat protein – opportunity to expand margins.12
    • JBS have an existing value-added division – Food Partners.12
      • supplies food service customers like Pizza Hut and Domino’s with toppings.12
    • Andrew Meats focus will be produce ready meals.12
      • ‘grab & go’ beef roasts, designed to compete head on with hot cabinet roast chickens sold in supermarkets.38
      • Domestic markets were very immature but also with significant growth potential.12
  • At this time JBS operate.11
    • 10 processing facilities.11
      • Daily processing capacity of more than 8,000 cattle and 21,000 small stock.11
    • 5 feedlots.11
  • December. JBS currently operate 12 meat processing plants across 5 Australian states6
    • Wages & local procurement $730M (Excluding livestock purchases)6
    • Employs 8,500 people at the facilities6
      • Employs 12,000 people in Australia6
    • Total revenue of $6.5B6
  • JBS plants 2014_edited-1

    JBS processing plants in Australia

    Source JBS submission #50 Market Consolidation.

    • JBS estimates its current share of four eastern states beef kill – 20% (excludes service kill)6
      • JBS share of Australian beef production 16%6
      • Market share of national small (lamb, mutton & goat) 16%
    • JBS spent $2.4M on halal certification costs of approved religious certifiers in 20146


    • June. Cost of processing in Australia 1.5-3 times the cost of processing animals in another country6
    • cost of processing grain-fed cattle in Australia is twice of the USA6
      • lower levels of productivity in Australia in regards to kg per unit of labour6
      • 2 major differences between Australia and the USA6
        1. Government regulation
          • $10 a head more in Australia6
          • Dept. of Australian Agriculture fully recover costs of meat export inspection and certification6
            • Australia wide DAFF costs $80M6
            • JBS contribute $14.5M6
          • Export plants don’t use DAFF but use approved employees, which plants fully cover costs6
            • JBS estimate an additional $30M at Export level6
          • USA & Brazil governments provide services at no or minimal costs to processors6
        2. Energy Costs
          • $15 a head more in Australia6
      • Technical barriers to trade (TBT’s)- Total value in Australia estimated at $1.25B as identified costs6
        • 261 TBT’s in 40 key markets6
          • 136 have significant trade distortion impacts6
  • July. The following charts are from a submission by the Australian government Department of Agriculture to the Senate rural and regional affairs and transport references committee inquiry into Market consolidation and the red meat processing sector.
  • T2 Throughput state beef_edited-1

    Share of throughput by state for beef in 2014. Pg 16

    T4 processing companies market share_edited-1

    Major Processing companies by market share May 2015. Pg 16

    M4 direct cattle movements NLIS QLD_edited-1

    Cattle Movements to abattoirs. Pg 25

    F12 hourly labour costs food manufacturing_edited-1

    Hourly labour costs for food manufacturing industry Pg 30

  • December. ATO publishes tax data for agribusiness corporates.7
    • Data interpretation – Companies do not pay company tax on revenue (total income) they pay on profits after paying all expenses, including wages, capital replacement, supplier costs and other operating expenses.7
    • Income tax information is for 2013/14.7
    • JBS Holdco Australia Pty Ltd produced Total Income $4,040,948,610.7
      • Taxable Income $419,882,525.7
        • Tax Payable $44,809,334.7

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