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Roma #2 (Proposed)


July 2014. Maronoa council is seeking $75,000 to conduct a feasibility study into the establishment of an abattoir to process beef, sheep and goats. Proposal is reliant on a new airport at Toowoomba currently being built, rail link improvements that are proposed to Miles and extension of the rail from there to Roma.

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  • July. Maronoa Regional Council seeking funding of $75,000 from state and Federal government to budget for ‘high level feasibility’ study into establishment of a beef, sheep and game meat abattoir at Roma.1
  • Wellcamp Airport at Toowoomba is being constructed and could open new opportunities to Asia, Middle East.1
  • Proposed upgrades to inland rail infrastructure.1
    • Rail  improvments to finish at Miles1
  • some private sector interest had been shown from a delegation from Asia1
  • Not looking to compete with Charleville (QLD) goat abattoir.1
    • Charleville abattoir currently operating at capacity with 80% of the feral goats coming from Surat Basin area.1
  • Council looking for ways to soften downturn in the economy that is predicted to hit once  the resource boom subsides.1


  1. ‘Roma ramps up abattoir study’ QLD Country Life 31.07.2014
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