Nyngan. #? NSW

Domestic service kill abattoir located in NSW

Other Names

  • Operating business name – KJ Halal Meat.
  • Common name used

Current Operation

  • Is the facility currently in operation – ?
  • Aus meat Accreditation number
  • Operator website links
    • Contact for employment
    • Contact for sales.


  • Description of physical location in relation to main town and state
    • distance to main urban areas or export sites of that state

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Location of Australian Abattoirs


  Location of Australian Abattoirs

How this map works.
This is a google engine layered map. At the moment it consists of 7 layers. By clicking on the box on the right hand side of the layers names it will illustrate the location of the abattoirs.

This is a work in progress and is not a complete list of all abattoirs that have operated in Australia or are currently operating.
Locations are approximate and are in relation to the closest town to which they are addressed.

The same abattoir site may appear in two different lists.

Use this link to access the Google map Australian Abattoirs locations.

 Location of Australian Abattoirs      


  • Owners name – HJ Halal Meat


  • Aus-meat accreditation dates.
  • Website link to owner of facility
    • Employment link to operator of facility
    • Sale enquiries
  • Type of facility and accreditations for livestock types1





  • May. Nyngan abattoir receives $500,000 from NSW Government2
    • funds are to upgrade the abattoir facilities2
    • Provided through Office of Trade, Business and Industry’s Regional business development scheme2.
    • Improvements will allow creation of another 8 jobs, retain another 32.
  • Nyngan is one of the few wholly accredited halal plants in NSW2.
    • Client base in Muslim butcher shops in Sydney2.
  • Sources most stock from Western NSW2.
    • provides services to butchers and value-add producers in the region2.


  • November. Coonabarabran #388 . NSW closed and administrator appointed.3
    • 30 people laid off3
    • Owner hoped to sell business in next few months3
    • Reason for closure cited as3
      1. $190,000 fine from Environment protection authority – which business never recovered.3
      2. Owner – Mr Lang diagnosed with leukaemia and unable to work3




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