Collarenebri (Proposed) Goat

A proposal put forward to convert a disused abattoir previously used for ostriches and emu to goat, in 2008.

Other Names

Current Operation

  • Proposed1


  • Collarenebri is located in far north west NSW on the Barwon river. Aprroximately 600 km north west of Newcastle. The abattoir is located on Mungindi road1.

collarenebri 1

collarenebri 2

Hema Maps – Australia Truckies atlas.




  • Previously had been a emu and ostrich abattoir that had failed1


  • February. Dellmain, a company plans to develop goat abattoir in Collarenebri1
  • Development application was publicly exhibited1
    • process 750 goats a day for 250 days of the year (approximately 8 months of the year)1
    • Create 40 direct jobs, maybe 100 more indirect1
    • If approved abattoir could open in April or May 2008.1
  • Main markets are ethnic communities in United States.1



  1. ‘Goat meatworks promises Collarenebri jobs boost’ ABC News. 07.02.2008.

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