Cowra abattoir is located about 250km west of Sydney, it is currently operating but not export registered. It was export registered in 1997 as a pig processing facility only.

Other Names

Current Operation

  • Is currently operating at time of writing 27.12.2013.


  • Cowra is located approximately 250km west of Sydney

Australia. Cowra

CowraSource – Hema Maps – Australia Truckies atlas.


  • David Mulligan – Up to late 20063
    • sole director
  • Chris Cummins ( 2007)




  • Discussion in town to establish abattoir


  • Public meeting was held to discuss abattoir establishment. 250 people attended.
    • Decision to form company
    • 50% capital raised locally rest from Sydney company


  • Abattoir commenced operation


  • April. Workchoices legislation came into effect March 27th – Abattoir wanted to shed 29 workers, on the promise of taking back 20 under the federal award1
    • 16 beef and 13 pig slaughtermen told to finish up May 51
      • Managers Letter to workers1
        “We deeply regret this situation: however, given the current economic conditions we must take this action to ensure the ongoing viability of the abattoir” Ray Petterson Cowra abattoir manager.1
      • Abattoir wanted to amalgamate it’s pig and cow processing teams – reason gave for sackings.8
    • One slaughterman quoted his wages prior were $880 per week Federal award would be $580.1
    • had been prior enterprise agreements in place – it was being removed 12 months ahead of schedule.1
    • 22 workers offered jobs – would be paid less than before dispute but more than initially offered by abattoir, remaining workers offered redundancies.8
  • July. Federal Government workplace watchdog found – “Employers can sack workers and rehire them on lower pay and conditions in order to secure their company’s financial viability” Nicholas Wilson – Office of Workplace services director2
  • Abattoir backed down and took back the workers on the same original pay3
  • August Business was shut down and administrator appointed3
    • 200 workers told there was no money to pay their entitlements3
      • workers owed $2.8M – annual leave, long service leave4
    • Collapse of sale negotiations worth $8M3
  • September – Investigation into transfer of $2M moved between companies uncovered by administrator4
    • David Mulligan transferred $1.7M to another of his companies PD Mulligan Holdings4
    • last transaction nearly $1M transferred only weeks before closure4
    • Company had entered into uncommerical transaction aware that PD Mulligan my not have been able to repay4
    • Company may have also traded while insolvent4
    • Creditor – National Australia bank – owed $1M4
      • Liquidator – Frasers Insolvency said PD Mulligan a guarantor of the NAB loan, had discharged the abattoirs debt to NAB and now held the mortgage over the abattoir7
      • Instead of NAB being 1st mortgagee, now PD Mulligan was,7
      • Bank was charging 18% interest, PD Mulligan was charging 8%7
      • The bank charge was enforcable but before employee entitlements7
        • AMIEU advising members to vote against proposal of Frasers to take over administration of PD Mulliagan as there would be a conflict of interest – firm acting as liquidator of abattoir and administrator of priority creditor7
  • December – Liquidators announced they entered into agreement for facility to be sold $2M and reopen early 20073
  • Local businessmen behind purchase – Stock buyer Chris Cummins and local businessman George Kollas.
  • Possibly able to offer 120 jobs if re-open in February 20075
  • Plan to slaughter sheep, lambs, cattle and pigs at the plant and supply meat locally and to Sydney, Canberra, Southern Highlands, South Coast and Newcastle markets5
  • Other buyers had been considered but primarily interested in selling off abattoirs assets5


  • June. upgraded facilities to improve animal welfare6
  • Installed surveillance cameras – $15,0006
  • Installed a head restraint to assist when stunning cattle with bolt stunner.  cost $150,0006
  • Pigs are gassed using carbon monoxide6
  • Operator of the facility at this time – Chris Cummins6
  • Chris Cummins wants animal welfare rules in Australia to go further to make it harder for the meat works with low standards (to operate)6
  • Cowra abattoir supplies 300 restaurants and butchers making it the largest domestic meat wholesaler in the state.6
  • July – Carbon tax starts – will make kill fees 5-6% greater9
    • Independent pricing and regulatory Tribunal (IPART) says electricity prices could rise by 18%, hald of rise attributable to the carbon tax.9

    Chris Cummins comments 25.12.13._edited-1Source NSW Business Chamber Comments by Chris Cummins


  • February. National Sheep health monitoring project is begun
    • Provide information on diseases and conditions detected on the slaughter floor of abattoirs
    • Provide sheep producers with feedback
      • Provide information on conditions such as grass seeds, pleurisy, arthritis and sheep measles
      • Conditions requiring trimming at the abattoir include sarcocystis, rib fractures, cheesy gland and vaccine lesions

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