Updated. 27th June 2013

Other Names

  • Warro Games Meat1

Current Operation

  • Is operating as at June 2013.1
  • Operates as a Kangaroo processing site.1


map SuratSource – Hema Maps. Australia Truckies Atlas


  • L. Micklebourgh & B Micklebourgh.1


  • Processes 1500 kangaroos a week for human domestic consumption and pet food markets2
  • Employs 22 full time2
  • supplies fillets on weekly basis to wholesaler who distributes to Adelaide, Melbourne & Sydney2
  • Produce manufactig meat – 12 t per week – mainly goes to pet stores.2
  • Each carcase for human consumption is worth $37 to processor2
  • Kangaroo processors pay levy to Dept of Agriculture – Fisheries and Forestry3
    • 7c per carcase for human consumption3
    • 3c/kg for pet meat3
    • Levy money is distributed to national residue survey and R & D3
      • Human consumption carcases processed collected $210,000 (2010 – 2013)3 = 3M carcases
      • Pet food processed collected $30,000(2010-2013)3 = 1M kg processed
      • R & D – one project in current study – $240,000 “welfare and humaneness of commercially harvested kangaroos”, conslude August 20133
  • Kangaroo Industry Association of Australia (KIAA)3



  • Had been other kangaroo works in QLD but many have closed down2


  • Had started in skins trade and had begun a pet food supply business.2

2004 – 2008

  • height of pet food business was processing 40t of meat a week.2
  • Operation to which the pet food was going centralised and changed demand of meat to cause orders to dwindle2
  • requirements came in that even pet food processing plants had to be accredited to process meat to human consumption standards2
  • Surat works was purchased, renovated.2


  • QLD Floods caused business to be completely surrounded by water and shutdown for 3 months2
  • Russian markets closed down that roo meat was exported too.2
  • Domestic market became flooded with roo meat product.2


  • Floods cut off access around site for 3 months2


  • Floods cut off access around site for 3 months2


  • Predicted increase in electricity prices could ultimately shut down the business1
    • Electricity has more than doubled in past 3 years.1
    • currently $22,000 per quarter1
    • Doesn’t include chiller 6 boxes that cost $1,000 each a quarter to operate1
  • Floods and debt load has had devasting effect on operation of business.2
  • Second largest employer in town behind Council.2


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