Kangaroo Island (SA)

Other Names

  • KI Abattoir

Current Operation

  • Closed – 19981



  • Samex Australian Meat Company, Managing Director – Rob Black. Purchased early 20131


  • Previously had operated seasonally for 5-6 months of the year2
  • Would require a combined throughput of 5000 sheep and lambs each week over a 9-10 month period to sustain the operation1



  • Samex Australian Meat Company purchased1
  • May. discussion with producerson ability to commit to supply, producers were able to do 100,000 lambs but thought 200,000 was unrealistic1
  • Samex not looking for investors but commitment from growers to support2
  • Current production was required to be changed from over a 4-5 month period to 9-10 month1


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