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Cootamundra.2. Proposed 2014. NSW


Due to the Cootamundra  abattoir operated by Manildra Meat company being accredited for export. Local producers of the area consider building their own small facility to service their needs for goat and sheep processing.

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  • November. Local producer David Booth seeks to establish his own small abattoir to process sheep and goats4
    • Had previously had stock slaughtered at Cootamundra.1  #87 NSW
      • Cootamundra.1 was accredited to export, Mr Booth feared that the facility would no longer process service kills for locals4.
  • Facility proposed to process 120 cattle or 700 to 1000 sheep per day4
    • Cost $5-7M to build4
      • Donation pledges have been already received of $1M4
      • A Hong Kong Investor interested in investing4
      • A horse slaughter also interested in investing4
    • Aiming to build a new facility rather than revamp an old one4
      • 2 small abattoirs in the Sydney basin that were forced to close due to regulation and urban encroachment4
        • One has expressed an interest in moving to Cootamundra4
      • 90 abattoirs have closed since 20054
  • Operating model is yet to be fixed, but interested in following the Northern Co-operative Meat company at5 Casino #239 NSW


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