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Current Operation

  • Currently Accredited AUS-MEAT 14.01.132
    • Establishment Number 0686


  • 170km S Perth

Australia. Bunbury

BunburySource – Hema Australia Map. 9th edition


  • V & V Walsh Meat processor & Exporters4
  • Vern & Jean Walsh established 1957, business now currently operated by Sons Peter & Greg Walsh7


  • Cattle,Sheep  and lamb3
  • Export accredited
  • Medium sized1 – says is a multi species ab???
  • Is a preferred supplier to Woolworths1
  • Is a fully integrated plant but has limitations1
  • Considered as best alternative to assist to increase capacity for export if ‘Harvey’ fell over, has much smaller capacity than Harvey1
  • Can process 400 hd a day4. Doesn’t stipulate if means sheep or cattle.
  • Beef & sheep products distributed throughout Australia, retail through Woolworths, speciality stores and restaurants7
  • V & V Walsh supply markets to other countries, including China, Have an office in Bejing7
  • Branded products – Amelia Park Lamb & Beef, distributed with partner company Trim & Tasty meats.7
  • All beef and lamb slaughter is done so by accredited Muslim slaughtermen using Halal kill techinques7
  • Abattoir itself employs 420 people, Woolworths expansion in 2011 employed further 70 staff, total Staff employed 650 people9
  • Can slaughter 3500 head lamb/mutton a day, half is boned and packed on site7
  • Have a shedded feedlot for lamb to guarantee supply7
  • Can slaughter 400 head cattle a day, ability to bone and process 300 carcasses a day7
  • Offal is trimmed and packed to customer specifications. Time from leaving the kill floor to freeze the offal to -10C, less than 48 hours.7

outsideSource –
Bunbury abattoir – Western Australia



  • established by Vern & Jean Walsh7


  • underwent significant expansion in abattoir processing area and ‘cold chain’ connections between the abattoir and the production and warehouse facilities5
  • Expansion cost $31M – The Bunbury meat centre9
  • Deboning room expansion included
    • construction of new export standard beef/sheep chiller facilities6
    • load out facility extensions6
    • new amenities for staff6

boning roomSource –
Boning room facilities inside Bunbury abattoir

  • Cold storage included
    • 32,000 carton capacity cold storage6
    • 2000 pellets of chilled meat9

ChillerSource –
Chiller facilities inside Bunbury abattoir


  • Bunbury employer – CEO Peter Walsh. blames Bunbury’s staggering unemployment rate of 6.3%, (above WA state average of 3.8%, and Australia’s 5.1%) on widespread ‘slack’ attitude of local workers8
  • Abattoir employs temporary foreign workers because locals are “not up to the task”8
  • Foreign workers are not cheap but more reliable than Australians8
  • One third of employee’s come from overseas using 457 visa, allow eligible workers to be employed for up to 4 years or a working holiday visa8
  • Employing foreign workers involved constant retraining and rehiring of new staff8
  • Continually advertised for new staff in last 5 years.


  • Signed a $1B deal with Chinese company Grand Farm10
    • Grand Farm are the largest red meat importer in China.10
      • Currently supply 1% of Chinese market10
      • Want to increase to 3%10
    • If average lamb consumption is increased in China by 1 kg require extra 65M lambs10
    • If average beef consumption is increased in China by 1kg require extra 6.5M cattle10
  • Bunbury (Harvey Beef) is the only accredited exporter of WA beef to China11
    • Currently 75% of Bunbury production is sold domestically11
    • Expansion, within 5 years will double exports to about 50%11
  • Bunbury will process extra 500,000 lambs and 30,000 cattle to begin to supply Grand Farm10
    • Possible many grain producers will shift to livestock production.10
  • V & V Walsh are assisting in setting up Cattle feedlot in inner Mongolia10


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