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Sarina. #. QLD

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Small domestic and service kill abattoir, North Of Mackay QLD. Placed on the market for sale September 2016.

Other Names

  • Sarina4
  • Common name used – Kemp Meats4.

Current Operation

  • Facility was placed on market for sale in September 20164.


  • Mackay is located in the Tropical climate of Northern Queensland on the east coast.

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  • Owners names and approximate time period of operation


  • Small domestic service kill abattoir4
    • Provided  a kill for cattle to large Lotus Park Feedlot near Marlborough4
  • Capacity of 40 cattle per day and 50 pigs or 100 lambs per day4
  • 60 ha site4.
  • Infrastructure includes4;
    • Freezing and chilling infrastructure to cater for 40 bodies of beef a day
    • Separate small stock chiller.
    • Rendering plant includes a dual fuel boiler by diesel or tallow.
    • Surrounding holding paddocks, sown to signal, pangola and Rhodes grasses
    • 3 bedroom managers/caretakers residence
    • Receival yards at the plant
      • second set of steel cattle yards in the paddocks
    • 4 bay machinery shed
    • Bore is commercially licensed to supply the abattoir


History of Sarina. QLD



Sale agent details for inquiries to Sarina Abattoir

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Sarina Abattoir



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