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Australian Abattoirs – Organisation of information

I am still in construction phase of this site and trying to work out what does or doesn’t work. If you have ideas on layout or advice to enhance the capabilities of this site I would be greatly appreciated if you wrote a comment as to what they may be.

Each abattoir is listed under its suburb name, at times this is difficult to ascertain as particularly in WA some people refer to the abattoir by the owners names.

Each abattoir is organised in a basic format.

Name (suburb)

Other known names.

Current Operation

Lists if the abattoir is currently operating as at time of writing.

It doesn’t show if the abattoir opened and closed in periods of its existance.


Location relative to the closest major town centre

Map – Approximate placement in Australia

Detailed map – of its location.


Listing of owner or owners, company name if available.

Year in brackets is time when that owner took over operation

If available the manager for the time is also listed


Information in regards to

  • construction costs,
  • types of animals processed
  • Ausmeat accredited.


Timelines – years are intended as broad references, they are not always exact and may conflict with other articles.

More recent years the month is also listed


Most information is sourced by a number.

More detailed information on source information is available in the Information tab, which I intend to add in the future.

Sources are not numbered the same number for article in different abattoirs listings.