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Whittingham. #486. NSW


Export accredited facility processing beef and offal.

Other Names

  • Operating business name – EC Throsby Pty Ltd
  • Common name used

Current Operation

  • Aus meat Accreditation number #486. Accessed 02/10/2017
  • Operator website.
    • Contact for employment
    • Contact. 02 6574 7777


  • Description of physical location in relation to main town and state
    • distance to main urban areas or export sites of that state

Insert – Australia map. location of approximate town site.

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Location relative to other abattoirs across Australia

Location of Australian Abattoirs


  Location of Australian Abattoirs

How this map works.
This is a google engine layered map. At the moment it consists of 7 layers. By clicking on the box on the right hand side of the layers names it will illustrate the location of the abattoirs.

This is a work in progress and is not a complete list of all abattoirs that have operated in Australia or are currently operating.
Locations are approximate and are in relation to the closest town to which they are addressed.

The same abattoir site may appear in two different lists.

Use this link to access the Google map Australian Abattoirs locations.

 Location of Australian Abattoirs      


  • Owners names and approximate time period of operation


  • Aus-meat accreditation dates. Aus-Meat List 02/10/2017
  • Website link to owner of facility
    • Employment link to operator of facility
    • Sale enquiries
  • Type of facility and accreditations for livestock types1





  • Month. Facility/business Chairman at this time(taken from current website)
    • Facility CEO at this time
    • Leadership team at this time


  2. Aus-Meat Accreditation Listing 02/10/2017