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Australian Abattoir Locations

How this map works.
This is a google engine layered map. At the moment it consists of 7 layers. By clicking on the box on the right hand side of the layers names it will illustrate the location of the abattoirs.

This is a work in progress and is not a complete list of all abattoirs that have operated in Australia or are currently operating.
Locations are approximate and are in relation to the closest town to which they are addressed.

The same abattoir site may appear in two different lists.

Use this link to access the Google map Australian Abattoirs locations.


The Layers are

Closed prior to 1970

Closed after 1970

2014 Domestic Meat processors in current operation – as per the Ausmeat listing 16/07/2014

2014 Export Meat processors in current operation – as per the Ausmeat listing 16/07/2014

1963 Export meatworks  – as per  list of Meat export works in Australia as at February 1963 from the book ‘World on a plate – A history of meat processing in Australia’ Stephen Martyn. 2013.

Other abattoirs currently in operation

These are abattoirs located in some states that I am aware of

Abattoirs under construction

      These are abattoirs I am aware of.

Australian Abattoir and Meat Processor Locations

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All Road maps are copied from the following

Hema Maps – Australia Truckies Atlas. Most have been resized and do not have relevant scale attached.


Newspaper articles

If you wish to follow up further information on these articles a google search using the name of the article and source should enable a retrieval of the information through the internet.