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Hema Maps – Australia Truckies atlas.


  • Bill and Brian Crowson1




  • Small abattoir built approximately 1 mile from homestead(Pg 26)1
  • Only operational for a year due to several reasons1
    • Health department requirements of cartage and storage of boxes of beef. Dept wouldn’t accept their method of loading the beef into 20′ cold room on a truck and transported 300km to be loaded in to another cold store.(Pg 27)1


abattoir books 011#1. Source. ‘The privileged few’ Jeff Hill. Pg 26
Small meatworks at Montejinni station, built by Bill Crowson in the 1960’s


  • Abattoir had lain idle since 1960’s.(Pg 27)1
  • dismantled to open up space for light aircraft.(pg 27)1
    • Cold room taken to Uralla meats in Katherine – an abattoir Lyn Hayes and Ernie Raynor were establishing between Katherine and Tindal Airbase.(pg 27)1
    • Note I can’t info on this abattoir – though a pet food meat processor named Uralla is mentioned in some articles.


  1. ‘The privileged few’ Jeff Hill. 2008

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