Canowindra. NSW


Canowindra is a small scale domestic abattoir that describes itself as a boutique abattoir. The facility provides service kills to the small producer

Other Names

  • Operating business name – Premier Meats4

Current Operation

  • Domestic abattoir that processes sheep and goats5
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    • Contact for sales.


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Other abattoirs in Australia

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  • Website link to owner of facility
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  • Canowindra processes, sheep, lamb and pigs 3 days a week5
    • Also chickens, turkey, ducks, emu and alpaca one day a week5
  • Fills a niche client demand for people wanting only a small number of stock processed5
  • Facility is chemical free and organic accredited5
  • Employ 6 people5


History of Canowindra


  • Abattoir facility was established on the property of Stephen and Dorothy Tamplin5
    • Wanted an on-farm butchery to sell what they actually grew5
    • They were having their stock processed somewhere else but the guarantee of receiving their own carcases back wasn’t a certainty5
  • Facility only covers an area of 95 sq metres5
  • Canowindra begins to process lambs5


Pre 2014

  • Abattoir was developed as main stream facilities didn’t offer service kill4


  • Canowindra Abattoir hosts a touring party from Republic of Korea4
    • Koreans were interested to learn operation of a small scale facility to experience the Australian system and find out what is competitive in Australia4


  • April. Canowindra slaughters 45 lambs a day
    • Capacity is limited by cool room capacity and power supply
    • Cool room can only hold 45 carcases at a time
    • Power is single phase
  • Facility can actually process up to 200 sheep a day but is unable to due to cool-room capacity of only 45 head.
  • Lambs, sheep, goat and pig are processed 3 days a week
    • carcases are chilled for 3 days
  • Chickens, turkeys, ducks, emu and alpaca are slaughtered on Thursdays
    • Carcases are able to be picked up that afternoon or the next day

Sources of Canowindra

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