Australian Abattoir Ownership

The following information is not intended as a complete or comprehensive guide in regards to the Australian meat processing industry.

The following charts should be noted as basic information or points of interest relevant to the period of time noted on the charts.

Notes in regards to the following charts

  • Information has been sourced from “World on a plate, A history of meat processing in Australia’ by Stephen Martyn.
    • Page 335, Breakdown of export slaughtering establishments by state and ownership (1976 – 1996)
  • ‘Foreign Owned’  is defined as a company in which majority ownership is held by non-Australian company or by an Australian holding company acting for a foreign company
  • ‘Public Sector’ works comprise plants owned and /or operated by a shire, municipality or state authority.
  • ‘Producer Co-operatives’ comprise plants which are managed by producers or their representatives
  • Original source of information is noted as – ‘Changing ownership in the Australian meat Processing Industry over two decades, Meat research Corporation 1996


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