Wagga Wagga (Est #291). NSW

Wagga Wagga abattoir is owned by Teys Australia, a Beef and offal export accredited facility located in NSW

Other Names

  • Teys Australia Southern Pty Ltd

Current Operation

  • Aus-Meat Accreditation #291. Accessed 02/10/2017
    • Export accredited facility processing Beef and Beef offal
  • MSA Licensed Plant for Beef processing5

Teys logo 15.09.2017

Source  www.teysaust.com.au. 15.09.2017. Teys Cargill Logo


Teys contact 15.09.2017

Source. www.teysaust.com.au. 15/09/2017. Teys Contact details


  • Wagga Wagga is a major regional city in NSW, Located on the Murrambidgee river, midway between Sydney and Melbourne


Location relative to other abattoirs across Australia

Location of Australian Abattoirs





  • March 27. US food multinational Cargill issues a three month lockout notice to meat workers at its Wagga Wagga abattoir6
    • Lockout will begin the following week 02/04/20026.
  • Wage talks have been ongoing for the last five months between, workers, union and meatworks7.
  • AMIEU union organiser at this point is Steve Gurney7.
    • If workers endorse the latest union proposal the company has agreed to withdraw the lockout notice7.
  • April 3. Workers vote to accept new pay deal9
  • Cargill public affairs manager at this time is Lloyd George9
    • Majority of workers voted for the agreement9
    • 20 maintenance workers are yet to vote on a separate agreement9
    • An official vote would take place in 2 weeks, 10/04/20029
  • Wagga Wagga abattoir has approximately 475 workers at this time10.
  • Cargill have kept the facility closed until the official vote preventing the workers returning to work10.
    • Cargill won’t re-open until the maintenance union and maintenance workers vote on their agreement10.
    • Maintenance union have refused the offer10.
    • Currently 16 maintenance workers on site11.
  • Australian Manufacturing Employees Union (AMWU) organiser Rob Leonard11.
  • Cargill lift the lockout and continue to negotiate with the maintenance union11
  • Cargill has extended leave entitlements to workers while the plant was shutdown11


  • January. Odour problems occur from the facility resulting in court action in August 200417.
    • Animals parts that had been cooked to remove moisture and fat had created the odour17.
  • March. NSW Government approve a plan to double the facilities production, $30M13.
    • Progress is in the hands of Cargills American parent company13.
  • May. Cattle market was tight and running hours at the facility may be required to be reduced further during winter13.
    • Facility will only operate for 3 days next week (First week in June)13.
  • July. Workers have been asked to take annual leave for a fortnight while the facility closes due to drought-induced downturn in stock numbers12.
  • 450 workers are employed at the facility12
  • General manager at Wagga Wagga abattoir at this point is Dick Kelley12
  • Impact of drought and rising Australian dollar had hit the beef processing industry hard12.
  • Wagga Wagga’s main export destination was North America and Asia12.
  • Australian dollar has appreciated more than 30% against the American dollar in the past 18 months, largely due to Australia’s higher interest rates14.
    • Australian dollar is currently $US66c14.
    • Exporters need rates to ease incase it prices them out of key overseas markets14.
  • November. Expansion is given the go ahead from Cargill Beef16.
    • $30M upgrade will boost output from 850 head cattle a day to 1,200 head16.
    • Mean 125 new jobs, taking employment level to 62516.
    • Upgrades are expected to start in January 200416.
      • completion by March 200516.
  • Director of Communications for Cargill Beef at this point is Mark Klein16.


  • July.Expansion plans have not started yet18.
    • Development application had been approved for some time18.
    • Construction plans were yet to be submitted18.
  • August. Wagga Wagga abattoir is ordered to pay $72,000 for emitting offensive odours17.
    • Incidents had occurred in January 200317.
    • Odours were smelt over 2km from the facility17.
    • Order was to spend $32,000 planting 4,500 trees along or near the Olympic Highway17.
      • and pay $40,000 in court costs17
  • Abattoir has upgraded facilities to ensure the odour problems don’t  happen again17.
    • Installed a bio-filtration system and the roof has been replaced at the rendering plant17.


  • January. Cargill general Manager Bill Buckner at official opening of the $36M expansion19.
  • Cattle are sourced for the abattoir from the company’s feedlot at Jindalee and a radius of approximately 200km189


  • Wagga Wagga abattoir has a failure at their sewer treatment system creating offensive odour problems to neighbours20


  • August. Cargill Beef will introduce a $13M wastewater treatment system20
  • Pollution improvement works will result in a 20% cut to the abattoirs daily kill20
    • Cargill had approval to kill to 2,000 head per day, this has been reduced to 1,600 head cattle per day20
    • Had been killing 1,250 head per day20
  • 104 conditions were put in place by the Department of planning20.
  • Cargill Environment manager Charles Hollingsworth21
  • Pollution reduction program will reduce carbon emissions21
    • generate over 1 megawatt of renewable energy from captured biogas21
    • improve water quality21



  • Teys purchase a feedlot and cropping property in north central Victoria from Elders in Charlton11.
    • Feedlot has capacity of 20,000 head1
    • Cost $10M and is Victoria’s largest feedlot1
    • Property is 776 hectares1
    • Feedlot infrastructure is 150 hectares with feed mills, flaking plants1
    • All staff had accepted employment with Teys1
    • Teys committed to capital upgrades over the next 3 years1
    • Primarily provide custom feeding to Naracoorte and Wagga abattoirs.1
    • Previous owners had custom fed 80% of capacity prior to sale2


  • September. Teys Chairman at this time. Allan Teys AM4
    • Teys Chief Executive officer at this time. Brad Teys4

Executive officers 15.09.2017

Source. Teys website 15/09/2017 Current leadership team


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