Located in South Australia, one of only 2 abattoirs in Australia accredited for export of horse meat. Peterborough also processes camels.

Other Names

  • Samex abattoir1

Current Operation

  • Is currently operating in 2014
  • Establishment #7502
    • Export registered2



 Hema Maps – Australia Truckies atlas.



  • Peterborough and Caboolture (QLD) are Australia’s only licensed horse abattoirs able to export horse meat to European Union (EU) Countries.1
  • Processes Camels.2
    • Under Islamic rites and religious requirements2



  • Samex acquire Peterborough
  • Australian horse meat export industry standards strengthened and approved by the EU1


  • Caboolture (QLD) and Peterborough are currently processing 10,000 – 15,000 camels per year.3
    • Bond Springs (NT) is processing 20 camels per week.3
    • Feral Camel population is estimated to be 250,000-300,000 in the NT3
      • National cull occuring to reduce numbers.3
        • Up to June 2013 about 64,000 camels been culled3
        • with estimates of further 25-30,000 to be culled.3
      • Significant challenges with the supply chain and high transport cost to supply feral camels to abattoirs.3


  • June. Investigation launched by Department of Agriculture in to complaints that horse meat exported from Australian abattoirs for human consumption fails to meet strict EU standards.1
  • Complaint specifically relates to horses bought at Echuca (Victoria) saleyards, some which were sent to Peterborough abattoir
    • All horses processed came with Horse Vendor declarations1
      • Confirms treatment of the horses in previous 6 months1
  • Horse meat industry valued at $10M a year in the past decade1
    • Only 117 tonnes ($830,000 in value) exported to EU in past 12 months.1



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  3. Alice Springs Rural Review. December 2012.

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