Coonamble is located Northern NSW and closed in 2001 citing GST and crippling government charges. It is currently undergoing renovations for reopening in 2014.

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Current Operation

  • Is currently undergoing renovation to reopen in 2014


  • Coonamble is about 230km direclty south of the NSW/QLD border, Large cities closest Tamworth 292km by road or Sydney 700km in a straight line South east.

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  • Castlereagh – Bill Scott1
    • Other directors John and Len Scott2
  • 2012 – Nasser Beydoun


  •  Operated butcher shops in Coonamble.3
  • Employed 52 workers.



  • Scott Brothers took over operation of abattoir3


  • May. Impending GST set to force sale or shutdown of abattoir2
    • Under GST – Meat processors required to pay GST on all stock purchases and claim tax back as refund2.
    • Problem is purchases need to be settled in 7 days and refunds not received for 2 months.2
    • Coonamble would require $200,000 in additional interest chargesto cover GST in first month of reporting period, then another $400,000 while waiting for refund2
    • represent a liability of $50 per head for owning a beast 24 hours.
  • Martin Ferguson (Labor) claims GST  was responsible for Coonamble closure1
  • Bill Scott – owner – “Cause of closure lies squarely at the feet of the Carr Labor government”, he called “never ending regime of charges and regulations”1
    • Government implemented pay roll tax, workers compensation changes and state departmental fees and charges – Bill scott identified as buisiness killers1
  • July. Abattoir closed.
    • Citing GST as catalyst and crippling state government costs3
    • Works to be mothballed but maintained to export standards for immediate start up.3
  • Operational costs in NSW higher than QLD.3
  • Coonamble had been larges buyer of yearling cattle in NSW3
  • On closure had 40 on last week payroll, and bought 1/3 of yarding at Coonamble sale3


  • Offically closed.4


  • Coonamble Shire Council commission a study which found the facility was a viable option.4
    • Used results of study to attract an investor4


  • June. Business sold to a Sydney Company4
    • when reopened will employ 30 people4
    • Produce Halal certified beef and lamb4
    • buy livestock from North west NSW and southern QLD4
  • refurbishment of abattoir currently 80% complete with opening expected in September4
  • July new owners, Nasser Beydoun, owner, manages sodt drink and dip business, first foray into meat5
    • Will start with 30 employees, number likely to grow5
    • working with council to ensure meet licensing requirements5
    • producer halal certified beef, lamb and goat meat5
    • Require new boilers, cookers, doing up slaughter room, power is upgraded and have started work on fridges and cool room8
  • Opening of an abattoir after being mothballed so long (11 years) is almost without precedent7
  • Halal meat – growing metroplitan market8
  • Expect to be opened January or February 20148
  • New owners are buying houses for staff in town of Coonamble8
  • Government’s upgrading program a loop line will be provided with new siding and loading area at Coonamble railway – is a good outcome for the abattoir operations9
  • Oct. Shire talk of developments to date of abattoir’10
    • 1 meat inspector position has been filled with another advertised10
    • Owners notified council – sheep and cattle to be processed in one line10
    • 17 points yet to be addressed prior to reinstatement of licence10
      • Previous operations residents on the opposite side of the river had complained of odour10
    • Consideration given to selling local sheep yards as they weren’t being used10
      • sheep yards were part of saleyard enterprise10
      • Sheep yards to remain11
  • Nov Coonabarabran abattoir (NSW) (located 112km SE of Coonamble) closed6.
    • Closed due to inability to recover from $190,000 fine for effluent spill & Owner had been diagnosed with leukaemia and unable to work6


  • Mar. Meeting held with owners, still compliance and investment funding issues12


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