Other Names

  • ANZCO abattoir

Current Operation

  • closed 19982


Australia. Blayney


Hema Maps – Australia Truckies atlas.


  • McPhee Meats2
  • 1996 – ANZCO1
  • Manager – Neville Newton, now managing Goulburn4

Other abattoirs in Australia

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Operation  of Blayney #155

  • Sheep processing facility6



  • Freezing works3


  • abattoir opened, had been a freezing works prior. Latter tannery and pet food plant3

1976 – Not sure if this is correct because in 88 frieght company say they worked for Blayney’s last 43 years.


  • February. At this time is an export facility operated by Blayney (Abattoir) County council6
    • Has chilling, freezing and freezing storage facilities6


  • Tenders for contract to build beef facilities1
    • 2 story building, 1,800 sq m, able to process 100 head cattle per hour1
    • Electrical, Mechancial, Ventalation, Visera tables1
    • To commence construction November 19761


  • Nov. Is registered at this time as an export facility
    • Operating under the name – Blayney Abattoir


  • ANZCO bought insolvent abattoir from MPhee Meats – left unsecured creditors owed $6M2


  • July. Is registered at this time as an export facility8
    • Operating under the name ANZCO foods Pty Ltd8


  • April. Operations scaled back in recent weeks, Some 1,600 staff had previously been employed, now there was barely 1005
  • May. Closed – reason cited by ANZCO- stock shortage2
    • Industry sources say ANZCO left with large stocks or unsol meat as a result of Asian currency crisis2
    • NSW Meat Industry Authority (MIA)”there is definitely no shortage of stock or supply”2
    • “This year cattle killed in abattoirs have averaged 43,000 head a week an increase on average of 10,000 head over last the last year(dated 10.03.1998) Richard Tpnner, MIA2
    • AMIEU – suspect economic factors rather than stock shortages were behind closure2
    • sacked workers given one weeks notice – 580 people2
    • AMIEU accused ANZCO avoiding termination payments and redundancies – could be millions of dollars. – by citing seasonal factors allows ANZCO 8 month lee period before being deemed at closed for purpose of redundancy liability2
    • Blayney refus to indicate how long plant closed for.2
  • Refrigerated transport business who carried livestock and refrigerated meat for abattoir last 43 years also closed and selling 14 prime movers and trailers – abattoir was seasonal and not suited to transport company2
  • other recent closures Grafton, Gunnedah and Canberra2


  • March. Aus meat listing of March 2010 doesn’t show Blayney #155 abattoir as a registered facility9.


  • September. Proposal is put to council to build a new goat abattoir in the region20
    • Proposed $38M10
      • Facility would be attached to existing Blayney Sealink Cold store complex10
      • Plans have been submitted to council11
        • Expectations to commence building middle 201511


  • June. Approval has not yet been received for development to go ahead11
    • Environmental concerns with 25 objections received11



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