Cloncurry #2 (Proposed)

Current Operation

  • Proposal investigated 2012


  • 120 km East of Mt Isa

Australia. Cloncurry

CloncurrySource – Hema Australia Handy map 9th edition.







  • October.DAFF release Feasibility study and investment report for Cloncurry proposal2
  • Study conducted and handed to North Beef consultants Oct 20121
  • Nth West QLD – report – commercial viability
    • Proposal to process 400 head a day = 100,000 head a year3
    • Infrastructure would cost $49M, doesn’t include land, services required by governement.3
    • Match of investment by government expect $10 – $28M3
    • Operating costs at Cloncurry would be higher due to input and output freight costs3
    • Throughput of livestock would be detrimental in to mainly Townsville abattoir3
    • Model suggest $41 head supply chain cost saving due to freight, processor would retain 40-60% to cover freight costs.3
  • Nth West QLD – report – opportunities
    • Would be expect to draw 170,000 head a year of slaughter ready cattle4
      • NW QLD      96,000 head4
      • NT              14,000 head4
      • locals/culls    5,000 head4
      • Expected starting estimate of 115,000 head to be able to process.4
  • Expected Hot standard carcase weight (HSCW) is the weight of carcase after slaughter4
    • Bulls all weights. Make up market supply of 10-15%4
    • Trade cows 180kg – 350kg. Make up market supply of 20-30%4
    • Young steers/Heifers 235-350kg Make up market supply of 30-45%4
    • Grass fed/grain fed Steers/bullocks 265-350kg Make up market supply of 10-20%4
    • Jo Bloomfield. Note at yield of 50% these HSCW mean liveweights of cows to be minimum 360kg, Young steers 470kg and heavy steers 530kg.
  • Payroll estimates 220 employees, would require non traditional shift structure, and use of 457 visas and would compete with mining and resource sectors4
  • marginal return expected on investment4



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