Current Operation

  • Closed (2006)after cyclone Larry1


Australia. Innisfail jpg

Map. Innisfail         


  • CMG (as at 1999)2
  • Teys Bros3


  • Export
  • Nominal Capacity 125,000hd as per 50 weeks. (as at 1999)2
  • Prior to Larry drought and cattle in short supply1



  • Closed after Cyclone Larry, Equipment remained3


  • September. Plant and Equipment went to Auction3

“We had a total working plant in Innisfail up until not that long ago and it was ready to work at any stage”(Alex Stubbs – Agforce)3


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  1. Andrew Maddocks 03/08/2016 at 1:27 am Reply

    Progress is being made with planning to attract new investment and bring about the re-opening of the Innisfail Meat Processing facility

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