Current Operation

  • Still able to be utilised


  • North of Alice Springs
    • Bond Springs Station. Yuendumu road

Map Wamboden


  • G Dann


  • killed culls and heavy bulls, was a good way to maintain herd genetics as the culls could be taken in small consignments and taken off property as handled1
  • Typically processes 20 camels per week for local market2



  • October. Project is put forward to build Alice Springs 3rd abattoir on Bond Springs Station3.
  • Partners in the company will lease the facility for 12 months with an option to buy3
    • Grant Heaslip (Bond Springs station)
    • Jim Turner (The Gardens station)
    • John Gorey (Yambah station) and
    • Gary Dann (Gillen Meats) in partnership with Ron “Smacker” Anderson
  • Main reason for setting up is that the Alice Springs #2 (NT) is very limited3
    • Wamboden had enquiries from Darwin and Adelaide
    • Would supply 25 head a week to Gillen Meats
    • With a 2nd butcher buying more
    • Other butcher sale business had been rejected so as not to jeopardise the viability of the Alice Springs works
  • Wamboden believed Alice Springs doesn’t buy the right kind of meat3
  • Meat quality was an issue with quality of stock on the general market too fat and not sought after by southern butchers3
  • Most Centralian beef was exported for manufacturing purposes90
    • A local restaurant was advertising it only served meat imported from the south3.
  • Profitability of serving a wider market was doubtful under present market conditions3
    • Stock purchased from Haasts Bluff area (200 east of Alice Springs) for $10 per head on property3
      • Transport to Alice cost $13.70
      • Killing fee was $29.29 (slightly less than Adelaide)
      • Freight to Adelaide $16.27
      • Re-inspection and insurance $6.50
      • Made the average carcase cost $75.76 landed Adelaide
    • Price paid was 10c pound, average carcase weighed at 651 pounds3
      • Average carcase returned $65.10
        • Loss of $10.66 realised
  • Wamboden abattoir was relocated from a Buffalo Mobile facility sitting idle in Darwin worth $65,0003
  • Entire installation can be transported on 4 semi trailers complete with its own power pant and refrigeration facilities3
    • Parts of the plant were in position already, rest due to arrive within the week3
  • Initially would kill 20 head a day for 4 days a week3
  • November. Wamboden abattoir begins operations and supplies meat to Gillen Meat store, IL Sorrentino and Woolworths4
  • Manager Smacker Anderson4.
  • 36 beasts had been processed so far4
  • Works was operating on a trial basis at the moment processing 3 head per hour4
    • This would be increased to 5 head per hour


Source Centralian Advocate 13.11.1975
Advertisement placed to sell meat from the local butcher IL Sorrentin Butchers

  • Cattle turnoff in November from the Alice Springs area totalled 898 head5.
    • 451 to local butchers
      • 376 fats and 75 store
    • Alice Springs yard trucked 407
    • MacDonnell yard trucked 185
    • Finke yard trucked 306


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