Point Stuart

A small abattoir that was in operation prior to  BTEC was being conducted, Processed buffalo and cattle.

Other Names

  • Jimmy Creeks meat works

Current Operation

  • Closed


  • 150km E of Darwin

Point Stuart abattoir ruinsSource – Northern Territory Library. Not dated.

Point Stuart abattoir ruins.


  • Epitoma Pty Ltd1





  • Alan Woods worked as an accountant for the abattoir.6


  • Bulls and other cattle being delivered to site by Tom Fawcett from Old Mt Bundey station(Pg 162)4


  • Paddy Heatley carted buffalo from Walgait reserve to Pt Stuart (then called Jimmy’s creek)5


  • abattoirs closed for a period (Pg 244)4


  • AMEU served logs of claims to set up tally system2
  • Workers contracted, unskilled workers earned $50-$60 a day2
  • Skilled slaughterman earn $350 day2


  • AMIEU set up picket line3


  • Closed prior to 871


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One thought on “Point Stuart

  1. Alice Foster 26/12/2014 at 7:47 pm Reply

    I’m Alice Parshen, daughter of Lotar & Mel Parshen who were the Managers of Point Stuart during the ownership of Cal Johnson.
    We were there from 1966 to 1973. The photo is of the original Point Stuart at the actual coastal point & from other photos I’ve found in the NT Library Archives was dated late 60’s & provided by the Grice’s who were workers there during this period.
    Dad was the first to obtain an Export Licence for Buffalo & sourced markets in Germany given their nationality, this seemed a logical place to start to get the word out there on how good Buffy Meat was?
    Having left the Station as an 8 yr old meant that many fond early childhood memories are stirred up when looking back at these photos in the collection from the Grice’s.
    I can’t thank them enough as when Mum arranged to have all of our old slides & photos shipped back from her Family on a visit in the 90’s a bad storm is thought to have knocked the container off the ship they were on, as they never arrived at our address in Oz.
    So it was a part of our family history torn away, never to be able to be replaced. So these images captured & shared by the Grice’s is something I’ll treasure for a long, long time 🙂

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