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Byron Bay #?. NSW


Byron Bay, Export facility processing beef and pigs. Initially built in 1913, the facility opened and closed several times and changed hands regularly. It was closed in 1983 permanently to be used then as a creative studio by artists. It suffered fire damage in 2003 to be demolished completely in 2008 for a subdivision development.

Other Names

  • Common name used – Byron Bay abattoir

Current Operation

  • Facility closed 28th October 19832
  • Aus meat Accreditation number


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 Location of Australian Abattoirs      


  • FJ Walker3.
  • Elders2.


  • 6ha area of land adjacent to the beach6.
  • Export abattoir that processed beef and pigs3.




  • Byron Bay Co-Operative Canning and Freezing Company limited is established7.
  • Facility was built in 3 months7.
    • Original tender cost had been £3,0507.
      • Significant over run of budget actual cost was £4,5007.


  • Byron Bay abattoir was built2.
    • Located on Belongil beach4.
    • Waste product – Blood was pumped into a pipe that went straight out to sea
      • Effluent attracted sharks


  • Operation is running at a loss due to lack of stock supply4.


  • 100 people processed 100 head a day7
  • Facility is shut down entirely for a period4.
    • War years guaranteed a market for product7


  • Numerous efforts are made to restart the plant4.
    • .Facility stays closed for another 5 years4.


  • A jetty is built from the port to use to reach ships to allow loading of cedar timber harvested from the area5.
  • Jetty also allows service coastal steamers to load and unload passengers5.




  • Facility is sold to Norco4.
  • During the depression, AW Anderson take over the lease4.
    • AW Anderson are export meat processors7..
  • Installation of new machinery, refrigeration and a freezer7.
    • Plant was promoted widely to attract customers7.
      • Sold to the Sydney Wholesale Markets7.


  • Facility re-opened7.
    • Meat was exported to the United Kingdom7.


  • Andersons establish Byron Bay Whaling Company7.
    • Located right next door to the meatworks7.
    • Received a quota of 120 whales a year7..
      • Whaling factory worked 24 hours, seven days a week on two 12 hour shifts7.
      • 40 hours of normal pay and 30 hours double time7.
        • Better than wages paid at the meatworks7.
  • Whaling industry is established and a whaling port is set up at Byron Bay7.

Source. ‘Byron Bay: The danger that lurks in paradise’ QLD CL 09/09/2014

  • Effluent was pumped directly into the sea7..
    • One worker had the job of shooting sharks when seen7.


  • Market access for meat was gained into the USA7.
  • Facility was upgraded at a cost of $500,0007.


  • Whaling industry is stopped
    • Between 1954 to 1962 1,146 whale were slaughtered, producing 10,000 tonnes of oil7.


  • Andersons go into receivership7.
    • Receiver directed Jack Ware to get the plant running efficiently or it would close7.
    • Unfinished article print


Source. Lee Clarke. Byron Bay abattoir 1968


  • Andersons sell the works to FJ Walker7.


  • FJ Walker is taken over by Elders IXL7.
  • Byron Bay abattoir is closed permanently2.
    • Elders own it as this time2.
      • Part of significant rationalisation of processing plants owned by Elders that became Australian Meat Holdings
    • 360 employees are laid off2.
      • Few jobs available for locals once the facility was closed7.
  • Locals were happy to see the facility closed due to the smell it generated7.


  • Site is sold to McKeller family who convert the main buildings into a creative studio for artists, yoga and performing arts4.


  • The site is sold to Kendell street developers4.


  • Buildings are burnt down4.


  • February. Old abattoir site, that was known as epicentre building is demolished to make way for a 19 house subdivision4.


  • Beach front area of Belongil beach could sell up to $40M8.


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