Tasmania. Livestock and Production.a

Tasmania. (Tas)

Livestock herds of Sheep and Cattle.


  • 3000 farms carrying 446,000 cattle (1.8% of National Herd)1,
    • includes 1800 farms with 1.9M sheep (2010)1
      • 2000/2001 sheep numbers were about 3.3M, preceeding years 3.85M2
      • Flock decline due to collapse of wool market early 1990’s2
      • several poor consecutive seasons up to 2001/2002.2
      • Merinos make up 75% of Tasmanian sheep flock (2001/2002)1
    • Decrease of farms by 6% since 2007/20081
      • Decline in cattle numbers (2001/2002) is result of declining returns, abnormally poor seasons and diversion to alternative higher returning enterprises2

A number of charts may have been sourced from the attached reports.

2011 -12 Production Trends

2011/12 Livestock Sector Scorecard and Production Trends – Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment


  Killfaddy Saleyard review, June 2012. Skringar, Chapman, Makris, Newton & Hird

livestock numbers _edited-1Source – 11/12 Production Trends – Livestock Numbers

This graph charts the livestock numbers in herds  in Tasmania from 1997/98 to 2011/12
The top blue line is sheep, centre line beef cattle and bottom darker line is dairy herd.

States herd 2006.2011 _edited-1Source – MLA 2012 cattle industry projections
This chart looks at herd figures in each state 2006 and compares them to those of 2011

producers _edited-1

profitability _edited-1


  1. Regional economic development plan: Northern Tasmania. August 2011
  2. ‘Food, Agricultureal & Fisheries Industries Profile’ 01/02

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