Australia. Export Abattoirs. A-Z

Abattoirs listed on A-Z

Note that this is not a comprehensive list of all abattoirs that have operated in Australia.

Mandatory registration of abattoirs has only been required for export facilities since 1997. Domestic facility don’t require Aus-meat registration and may choose to be registered. Many abattoirs that were export or domestic may have operated and closed prior to 1997 that are not listed. Some domestic facilities progressed to upgrades as export facilities.

There is most definitely more export abattoirs in Australia than is on this list that did operate but closed and now possibly demolished.

Current Export registered facilities can be found at

Australia. Export Abattoirs. Aus-meat registered as at 02/10/2017

Key to Table.

* Unknown details

Facility Type

E – Export. Registration for Aus-meat was only mandatory for export facilities since 1997

D – Domestic.

Species Processed

B – Beef, Bu – Buffalo, C – Calves only

G – Goat

P- Pig

S – Sheep and Lambs

Current Operation

O – Operating, C – Closed

Known operation and ownership.

Dated literature/article of facility being reported as known to be in operation. It doesn’t necessarily the facility didn’t operate after this date

Australian abattoirs. Export facilities only. A-Z

Blog LinkAus-Meat Establishment #State of OperationFacility TypeSpecies ProcessedCurrent OperationLast Known Operation / RegistrationLast Known Owner
Aberdeen736NSWEBC1997Australian Meat Holdings
Albany*WAESC1980'sMetro Meat (Borthwick)
Albury*NSWE*C1963Council of City of Albury
Alice Springs 2. *NTEB,S,PC1988Alice Springs Abattoir Pty Ltd
Alligator Creek*QLDE*C1963Swift Australia (Pty Ltd)
Altona761Vic.EBC1980'sSBA Foods (Gilbertson)
Ararat298Vic.ESO2017Ararat Meat Exports Pty Ltd
Auburn*NSWE*C1963Sydney Meat Preserving Co. Ltd
Ballarat62Vic.E*C1980'sPridham (Ballarat) Pty Ltd
Batchelor #34473447NTEBC1997Malaysian Livestock Co
Beaudesert.1525QLDEBC1987Australian Meat Holdings
Beaufort River369WAES,GO2017Wellard Animal Processing Pty Ltd
Beenleigh294QLDEBO2017Teys Australia Beenleigh Pty Ltd
Bendigo*Vic.E*C1980'sMayfair Foods Pty Ltd
Biloela399QLDEBO2017Teys Australia Biloela Pty Ltd
Blayney155NSWESC1997ANZCO Foods Pty Ltd
Booyong7170NSWEPO2017Booyong Service Processing
Bordertown #16141614SAES,GO2017JBS Australia Pty Ltd - Bordertown
Bourke.1241NSWEB,SC1997Tancred Bros
Bowen.1723QLDEBC1987Nippon Meat Packers
Braybrook*Vic.E*C1963JH Ralph & Sons Pty Ltd
Broken Hill147NSWES,GC1997Broken Hill Exports
Brooklea*Vic.ESC1980'sThomas Borthwick & Sons
Brooklyn.1206Vic.EB,S,GO2017Cedar Meats (Aust) Pty Ltd
Brooklyn.2 #688688Vic.EB,S,GO2017JBS Australia Pty Ltd - Brooklyn
Broome.1 #270270WAEBC1987Derby Meat Processing Co Ltd (Demco)
Bullocky Point *NTEBC1925Vesty's
Bunbury.2 #686686WAEB,SO2017V & V Walsh
Byron BayNSWEB,PC1968AW Anderson Pty Ltd
Cairns187QLDEBC1980'sAustralian Meat Holdings
Callide (Proposed 1961)*QLD*****
Camdale751Tas.EBC1980'sTas Meat Ltd
Camperdown707NSW**C1991Camperdown Meat Exports Pty Ltd
Cannon Hill.11620QLDEBO2017Australian Country Choice Production
Cannon Hill.23QLDEB,S,PC1980'sQ Meat Brisbane
Cape River*QLDEBC1980'sAustralian Meat Holdings
Carnarvon #329329WAEB,SC1980'sPerfect Meats
Casino239NSWEBO2017Northern Co-Operative Meat Co Ltd.
Charleville.1101QLDES,GO2017Western Meat Exporters
Charleville.2*QLDEK,P(wild)C2009United Game Processors
Cloncurry 2 (Proposed 2012)*QLD*B***
Cobram #397397Vic.ES,GO2017JBS Australia Pty Ltd - Cobram
Colac.2282Vic.EB,SO2017Australian Lamb (Colac) Pty Ltd
Condobalin*NSWEB,SC1980Condobalin Industries Pty Ltd
Coogee*WAEB,SC1980'sAnchorage Butchers Pty Ltd
Cooma952NSWEBC2017Monbeef Pty Ltd
Coominya194QLDEBO2017Greenmountain Food Processing P/L
Cootamundra87NSWEB,S,GO2017Manildra Meat Company Pty Ltd
Corio13Vic.EB,SO2017MC Herd Pty Ltd
Cowaramup #968968WAEB,S,GO2017Western Meat Processors Pty Ltd
Cowell*SAE*C1963Columbus Meat Packing Co
Cowra3173NSW*P*2012Bunge Meat Industries Ltd
Cranbourne #4646Vic.EB,S,GO2017Wagstaff Cranbourne Pty Ltd
Cressy #1919Tas.EB,S,GO2017Tasmanian Quality Meats Pty Ltd
Currie790Tas.E*C1997SBA Foods Pty Ltd
Dandalup*WAEBC1980'sNebru Exports Pty Ltd
Dandenong3085Vic.EB,S,GO2017Australian Meat Group Pty Ltd
Daroolbalgie*NSWE*C1963William Angliss & Co (Aust) Pty Ltd
Darwin*NTEB, Bu, PC1963William Angliss
Deniliquin2488NSWEB,S,GO2017Australian Meat Group
Derby*WAEBC1980'sDerby Meat Processing Co Ltd (Demco)
Devonport*Tas.EBC1980'sSP Holman & Sons
Dimore235QLDEBO2017JBS Australia Pty Ltd - Dinmore
Doboy174QLDEB,S,PC1987KR Darling Downs
Dorrigo1443NSWE*C1987United Pastoral Products - Dorrigo
Dromona*Vic.EB,SC1980'sAmatil Playfair
Dubbo.1*NSWEB.SC1980Globus Meat Paxking Pty Ltd
Dubbo.22309NSWESO2017Fletcher International Exports P/L
Esperence1459WAE**2017Shark Lake Food Group Pty Ltd
Eurobin2019Vic.ES,GO2017The Games Meat Company of Australia
Footscray704Vic.EB,SC1980'sSmorgon Consolidated Industries
Forbes656NSWEB,SC1997Tasman Group Services
Fremantle712WAEB,S,PC1980'sWestern Australian Meat Commission (Robb Jetty)
Gepps Cross1471SAEB,S,PC1985Agripro Australia (Samcor)
GeraldtonGeraldton #104104WAEB,S,GC*Geraldton Meat Exports Pty Ltd
Gingin.1113WAEBO2017Witan Holdings Pty Ltd
Gingin.2610WAEB,S,G*2015Kimberley Freerange Beef Pty Ltd
Gladstone*QLDE*C1963Swift Australia (Pty Ltd)
Glenroy*WAE*C1964Air Beef Pty Ltd
Gosford55NSWEB,S*1987Metro Meat
Goulburn217NSWESO2017Southern Meats Pty Ltd
Grafton157NSWEB*2010Ramsey Food Processing
Grantham203QLDEBO2017Standbroke Beef Pty Ltd
Gundagai.1 (South)106NSWES,GO2017Gundagai Meat Processors
Gunnedah398NSWEB,SC1980Edmonds Meat Group
Guyra11NSWEBC1987Australian Meat Holdings
Gympie80QLDEBO2017Nolan Meats Pty Ltd
Harden*NSWESC2006Southern Meats Pty Ltd
Harvey #648648WAEBO2017Harvey Industries Group Pty Ltd
Hermit Park2QLDE*C1997QLD Meat Export Co Pty Ltd
Hobart*Tas.EBC1980'sRichards Meat Industries
Homebush*NSWEB,S,PC*Homebush Abattoir Corporation
Innisfail2291QLDEBC1997Teys Bros
Inverell (Bindaree)218NSWEBO2017Yolarno Pty Ltd
Ipswich*QLD****Australian Meat Holdings
Jimbour (Proposed 2016)*QLD*****
Julia Creek (Proposed 2015)*QLD*****
Junee.190NSWESO2017Narasell Pty Ltd
Kangaroo Island*SAES,GC1980'sOverland Meat Exports
Katanning572WAES,GO2017West Australian meat marketing Co-Op Ltd (KT)
Katherine 1.*NT***1960'sVestey's
Katherine 2.. 439NTEB,Bu,PC1997Teys Australia
Kilcoy640QLDEBO2017Kilcoy Pastoral Company Ltd
King Island*Tas.EBC2012JBS Australia
Kyneton43Vic.EB,S,GO2017Hardwicks Meat Works Pty Ltd
Lance Creek1912Vic.EBO2017Tabro Meat
Launceston.110TTas.EBC1980'sBlue Ribbon Export Division
Launceston.2#Tas.EB,PC1980'sJC Hutton Pty Ltd
Laverton North822Vic.EPO2017Diamond Valley Pork
Linley Valley*WAEB,S,G**Smorgon Consolidated Industries
Livingstone #800800NTEB,BuO2018Northern Australian Beef Limited
Lobethal.1. #866866SAES,GO2017Thomas Food International Lobethal
Loganholm*QLD*G*2007Kerridale International Trading Pty Ltd
Longford195Tas.EB,SO2017JBS Australia Pty Ltd - Longford
Mackay67QLDEBO2017Thomas Borthwick & Sons
Macksville628NSWEBC1997Mitsubishi / Midco
Maitland*NSWEBC1980's(Charles David) Metro
Mareeba*QLDEBC1980'sAustralian Meat Holdings
Margaret River*WA*****
Maryborough110QLDEBC1987Morex Meat Australia Pty Ltd
Midland Junction*WAEBC1963Midland Junction abattoir board
Moe205Vic.EBO2017Hy Moe Meat Pty Ltd
Mooyoonooka177WAES,G*2015Geraldton Meat Exports Pty Ltd
Moree*NSWEB,SC1980'sGwydir Valley (Abattoir) County council
Moreton*QLDE*C1963Thomas Borthwick & Sons
Moss Vale274NSWEBC1980'sBerrima District Meats Pty Ltd
Mt Barker193SAECa,S,P*1987Metro Meat
Mt Gambier1459SAE**1997Select Meat Exports
Mt Isa*QLDEBC1986Australian Meat Holdings
Mt Schank1549SAEB,SC1980'sMidfield
Mudgee521NSWEB,SC1997Cudgegong (Abattoir) county council
Mudginberri484NTEB,BuC1987Mudginberri Station Pty Ltd
Murarrie.1111QLDEBC1980'sThomas Borthwick & Sons
Murgon222QLDEBC2007South Burnett Meat Works Co-Op Ltd
Murray Bridge #533533SAEB,S,GO2017T & R (Murray Bridge) Pty
Nairne9SSAECa,SC*George Chapman & Co
Naracoorte #423423SAEBO2017Teys Australia
Narrikup8WAES,GO2017Fletcher International exports
Narrogin83WAEBO2017Hillside meat processors Pty Ltd
Nathalia22Vic.EB,S,GO2017Ryan Meat Company Pty Ltd
Newcastle*NSWEB,SC1980'sNewcastle Abattoir Department
Newport*Vic.ESC1980'sGreenham / Gilbertson
Nhill*Vic.ES*1980'sPlenty International
Noarlunga767SAEB,SC1987Metro Meat
Oakey558QLDEBO2017Oakey Beef Exports Pty Ltd
Orange*NSWEBC1980'sBindaree Beef
Oxley17QLDEB,S,PC1980'sTancreds (JC Hutton)
Pakenham #12651265Vic.EBO2017G & K O'Connor Pty Ltd
Pentland223QLDEBC1989Australian Meat Holdings
Peterborough #750750SAEB,S,H,CamelO2016Samex Peterborough
Point Stuart449NTEB, BuC1987SG Allan (NT) Pty Ltd
Poowong224Vic.EBO2017GBP Australia Pty Ltd
Port Lincoln*SAEB,SC1980'sSA Meat Trading Corporation
Port Pirie359SAEB,S,P,BuffaloC2007T & R Pastoral (Pace Trading)
Port Wakefield284SAEPO2017Primo Australia Port Wakefield Abattoir
Portland52Vic.EB,SC1980'sAustralian Meat Holdings
Preston*Vic.E**1963JC Hutton Pty Ltd
Purrawunda170QLDEBO2017JBS Australia - Beef City
Queerah*QLDEBO*Australian Meat Holdings
Quoiba.2779Tas.E**1987Hawkridge Meat Co
Richmond*Vic.EB,SC1980'sProtean Enterprises
Riverstone503NSWE*C1980'sSmorgon Consolidated Industries
Rockhampton.1Rockhampton.1384QLDEBO2017JBS Australia Pty Ltd - Rockhampton
Rockhampton.27QLDEBO2017Teys Australia Meat Group
Roebuck2588WAEBO2017Kimberley Meat Company Pty Ltd
Roma.1535QLDE*C1997Bushell Meats
Roma.2. (Proposed 2014)*QLDEB,S,G***
Scone262NSWEBO2017JBS Australian Pty Ltd - Scone
Seymour.1260Vic.EBO2017Ralphs Meat Company
Smithton #716716Tas.EBO2017Greenham Tasmania P/L
Sorrell*Tas.E*C1963Richardson Meat Industries Pty Ltd
Spotswood*Vic.E**1963RJ Gilbertson
St George*QLDES,GC*Tancred CMG
Stawell53Vic.ES,GO2017Frewstal Pty Ltd
Strathalbyn*SA*C,S,P,G,Camel,Deer*2007Strath Meats Pty Ltd
Swan Hill2306Vic.EB,S,GO2017Ashton Pty Ltd
Tabbita*NSW****JBS Australia
Tallangatta2550Vic.ESO2017Cadopen Pty Ltd
Tammin119WAES,GO2017Westone Pty Ltd
Tamworth.1 (Thomas Food)394NSWESO2017Thomas Food International Tamworth
Tamworth.2 (Teys)249NSWEBO2017Teys Australia Southern Pty Ltd
Tatura2261Vic.ESO2017Tatura Abattoirs Pty Ltd
Tennant Creek 1.*NTEBC1980Australian Meat Holdings
Tenterfield*NSWEBC1980'sWilliam Angliss & Son
Tongala #234234Vic.EBO2017HW Greenham & Sons
Toowoomba.116QLDEB,PC1980'sKR Darling Downs
Toowoomba.215QQLDEB,S,PC1980'sToowoomba Public Abattoir board
Toowoomba.3Toowoomba.3. Beef City170QLDSee Purrawunda
Townsville.1*QLDEBC1997Smorgon Consolidated/QLD meat export Co.
Townsville.2Townsville.24QLDEBO2017JBS Australia Pty Ltd - Townsville
Trafalgar #28V28VVic.***2017Victoria Valley Meat Exports
a href="" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Vanderlin Island*NT*B, Bu1934*
Wagga Wagga291NSWEBO2017Teys Australia Southern Pty Ltd
Waikerie*SAEGC2007International Meat Processors
Waroona #768768WAEB,G,P*1997Wynne Meat Industries
Warragul #28772877Vic.EB,S,GO2017R Radford & Son Pty Ltd
Warrnambool.1180Vic.EB,S,GO2017Midfield Meat International Pty Ltd
Warrnambool.2246Vic.E**2013Midfield Meat International Pty Ltd
Warwick243QLDEBO2017John Dee Warwick Pty Ltd
Werribee*Vic.E*C1963A Weinberg Pty Ltd
Whittingham486NSWEBO2017EC Throsby
Wingham154NSWEBO2017Wingham Beef Exports Pty Ltd
Wodonga612Vic.EB,S,GO2017Wodonga Rendering Pty Ltd
Wooroloo618WAEPO2017Derby Industries Pty Ltd
Woy Woy*NSW**C2004*
Wychproof*Vic.ES,G,P & others*2007Australian Game Processors
Wyndham*WAEBC1980'sNorwest Beef Industries Ltd
Wyong*NSW***1987Metro Meat Abattoir
Yahl*SAE**1963Peterborough Meat Exports Ltd
Yallah.2*NSWEBC1980'sDorahy Bros (Wholesale) Pty Ltd
Yallah.3*NSWEBC1980'sIllawarra Meat Co Pty Ltd
Yanco.1517NSWEBO2017JBS Australia Pty Ltd - Riverina Beef
Yarrawonga71VVic.ESC1980'sAustralian Meat Holdings
Young128NSWEB.GO2017Hilltop Meats Pty Ltd
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